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L’il Donnie Presents: BIG FAT TREASON-BURGER®

Hungry? Dig in to L’il Donnie Trump’s delicious new BIG FAT TREASON-BURGER, and taste the collusion! Try it with our formerly secret sauce — AKA “Russian Dressing”!👍 🇺🇸 🍔   “I LOVE IT!” – Donald J. Trump...

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Russia Witch Hunt Survey

PATRIOT ALERT! You already knew the Fake News Media was out to SABOTAGE President Trump, but now even the GOP “Deep State” is yammering about “evidence” and so-called “laws” and “justice” to destroy POTUS. With so many LIES floating around, it’s hard to know what’s true, if anything. Take the official RUSSIA WITCH HUNT SURVEY now to show YOUR unshakeable support in the face of “facts” and the President’s “own” words!   RUSSIA WITCH HUNT SURVEY When Donald Trump bragged about receiving “a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT” from Vladimir Putin in 2016, that meant… NOTHING! a really small, worthless gift –...

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