Author: johnwooden

Mar-a-Lago® VIP Reservations

Mar-a-Lago®, President Trump’s glamorous private country club, is open for business! If you’re a foreign leader (or CEO) who likes golf, huge shrimp cocktails, doing generous business with the Trump® family, or negotiating international treaties far from the glare of a prying press, Mar-a-Lago® is like the wholly opaque, semi-secure, rhinestone-encrusted luxury compounds once only available to leaders like Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin. Interested in booking a fabulous Mar-a-Lago® suite? Fill out this form and the Secret Service and/or White House political advisor Stephen Miller will have Jared swing by to pick up your nonrefundable 50% reservation downpayment...

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Obamacare Horror Stories: Submit Yours!

THE PRESIDENT: Folks, it doesn’t matter if Ryancare a.k.a. “The American Healthcare Act” went down in flames. Going forward – just out of spite – my entire strategy is to let Obamacare EXPLODE – no matter how many people end up dying in the meantime of appendicitis and infected hangnails! My fabulous team is standing by, ready to make more heartfelt social propaganda videos for the Twitgram and the FaceSnap, so SUBMIT YOUR OBAMACARE HORROR STORY TODAY! Submit Your Horror Story Video Name: Email: My Obamacare Horror Story Video: [.mov, .mp4, .mpg - 200MB max] I accept the WHITEHOUSE.ORG...

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