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Donald Trump: President Apprentice

Donald J. Trump is, BAR NONE, the greatest-ever President in the entire history of this total disaster of a country called America. Seriously folks, I’m like a million times better than so-called “President” George Washington or that ugly beanpole slave-stealer, Abe Lincoln. And trust us, I am fully like a BILLION times better than more recent total losers like Balack Osama and Jeb’s dickcheese brother George W. Bush, who totally broke the world by the way – which actually did a fabulous job setting the stage for ME. In fact, most presidents – except DONALD TRUMP – are only good for making fun of. You should...

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100% Authentic Americans Love POTUS!

POTUS: The Facebook witch hunt for #TrumpRussia “proof” is FAKE NEWS! Totally VERY REAL Americans like “Texas Chuck” say I’m best the best Prez ever. He & I will #MAGA! 🇺🇸

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Evangelicals For Trump!

U.S. Secretary of Religious Freedom Pastor Deacon Fred explains why evangelical support for POTUS remains ROCK HARD.

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