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Russia Witch Hunt Survey Confirmation

THANK YOU, PATRIOT-COMRADE! With your help, more Americans can appreciate President Trump’s squeaky-clean innocence of anything and everything. And soon, when the Special Counsel starts snooping around through Trump bank accounts and inevitably discovers a bunch of so-called “crimes” and “corruption,” POTUS knows he can count on YOUR continued UNQUESTIONING SUPPORT – “DEMOCRACY” BE DAMNED!   Ahem. Obviously, the #TrumpRussia Investigation is no witch hunt. Help ensure it continues to gather steam by making your voice heard. Contact your congressional representatives today to demand continued aggressive action. Visit   Brought to you by Make The White House Great Again PAC. Join...

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Russia Witch Hunt Survey

PATRIOT ALERT! You already knew the Fake News Media was out to SABOTAGE President Trump, but now even the GOP “Deep State” is yammering about “evidence” and so-called “laws” and “justice” to destroy POTUS. With so many LIES floating around, it’s hard to know what’s true, if anything. Take the official RUSSIA WITCH HUNT SURVEY now to show YOUR unshakeable support in the face of “facts” and the President’s “own” words!   RUSSIA WITCH HUNT SURVEY When Donald Trump bragged about receiving “a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT” from Vladimir Putin in 2016, that meant… NOTHING! a really small, worthless gift –...

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SNITCHES GET RICHES! Make America Pure Again!

SNITCHES GET RICHES!Make America Pure Again! Have you spotted a so-called “person” who seems suspiciously less American than you? Report them preemptively today and YOU will be helping the brave patriots of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) fulfill President Trump’s mandate to bleach the mottled Michael Jackson face of today’s mongrel America. Submit your sightings of exotically “other” persons here for a chance to win fabulous Trump® luxury goods and services*, and take comfort in knowing that YOU named suspiciously vowel-rich names to help Make the USA Pure Again! #MUSAPA SNITCH TOLL-FREE: CALL 844-ICED-OUT ICE ANONYMOUS SNITCH SYSTEM: YOUR INFORMATION:...

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Exclusive Ivanka Trump Book Excerpt

Enjoy this illuminating excerpt from First Lady-Daughter/Secretary of State Ivanka® Trump’s scintillating new page-turner, “Women Who Work Their Daddies” – available now HARDCOVER FULL RETAIL ONLY at fine Trump® Resort Gift Emporiums worldwide.   6 SECRETS TO LANDING THE JOB OF YOUR DREAMS! Embrace Your Legacy: It doesn’t matter if your are born a slave to, like, a person, or a slave to your Google Calendar, reading my “curated” quotations from some Toni Morrison person about slavery will make you feel your oppression, look up from the page and yell, “Nobody knows da sufferin’ I knows!” So, whether you...

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