WANTED: Trump® White House seeks a backup Attorney General to unquestioningly obey Mighty POTUS, but tell America he is running the Justice Department through (at least) eight years of 100% undetected scandal and treasonous criminality.


  • Must be LOYAL, DISCREET & COMPLIANT team player
  • Violent aversion to “recusal” and other flashy acts of so-called “integrity” and “legality”
  • Must demonstrate an eagerness to flush a stable, twenty-year Senate (or other) career down the toilet in exchange for six months of toxic chaos
  • Ability to convincingly deflect nosy lines of questioning from pushy Jew Senators or domestic enemy combatants (aka “reporters”)
  • Ability to believe and defend new facts on an ad hoc basis
  • Passing familiarity with only the useful parts of that Constitution thing
  • Ability to ideate and execute creative solutions for protecting voting boxes from negroes and other DNC enablers
  • Memory uncluttered with inconvenient recollections of enemy spy conclaves and/or cross burnings
  • Fluency in flattery and Russian
  • Ability to take near-constant knifing in the back “so long as it is appropriate”
  • Looking like one of “The Lollipop Guild” a plus


  • Prevent appointment of Special Prosecutor(s) via the dutiful sweeping of Executive Branch wrongdoing under metaphorical rugs
  • Oversee and hamstring the worthless, law-obsessed bureaucrats who make up the Department of Justice
  • Ensure that rural law enforcement has access to cool badass stuff like bazookas and tanks and flying killbots.
  • Provide legal cover for all the brave, heroic cops who suffer trigger-happy mortal terror in the mere presence of coloreds
  • Conflate the pharmaceutical opioid epidemic with smoking doobies
  • Rebrand the failed and costly “War on Drugs” the new “War on Them Mexicans” Supervise the expansion of our for-profit prison system, ensuring its customers are plentiful and well-pigmented.

COMPENSATION: $205,700 / year

Now accepting aspiring apparatchik resumes via Trump® White House is an equal opportunity employer; easily sunburned natives of the Missibama quadrangle are encouraged to apply.

Celebrating #RealNews Pundit Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University was fantastic on “Fox & Friends.” The Fake News should listen to what he had to say. Thanks Jerry!

Ask The First Ladies

After a lucky Trump® White House supporter won our free lottery (and her check cleared), First Ladies Melania®, Ivanka®, Ivana® Trump & Marla Maples jumped on a conference call to... MAKE THIS AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! To submit YOUR question, email...

Melania® Presents: The White House Makeover

“I using high fashion design for redecorate White House so classy. Add puff of gold here, make quaint room for pouting there!”

An America-Only JOBS & GROWTH Plan

THE PRESIDENT: To stimulate jobs, we must gut any and all regulations that stand in the way of profit at any cost. That's why for every new regulation, I will require that two be eliminated! Which ones? Pick out of a hat -- I don’t care. Details are for nosy Special...

Executive Order On Gender Urination Stagefright

Believe me, so-called “Trans” people should feel lucky they’re not pissing in a bucket around the corner…

2017 Republican Loyalty Pledge

I do hereby pledge total loyalty to Donald J. Trump, exalted Savior of the dysfunctional Frankenstein non-coalition formerly known as “The Republican Party.”

An America-Only ENERGY Plan

THE PRESIDENT: On energy, I will stop supporting sissy stuff like wind and solar and rainbows and all that liberal hippy-dippy spiral-dancer earth-lover bullshit, and go back to a future where huge, dick-like smokestacks belch out thick, beautiful GOLDEN clouds of...


Donald J. Trump: America’s most kick-ass President EVER! More famous than dirty hippy Jesus, he’s so fucking classy, he even shits in a SOLID GOLD TOILET. SO BOW & WORSHIP HIS MAGNIFICENT PRIAPIC TUMESCENCE, YOU WORTHLESS PISS-POOR LOSERS!


TACO 'BOUT A nICE PARTY! Calling All Dreamers! Join El Hefe Trump® for fun, Fritos, and foreigners! Friday, May 5, 2017 White House South Lawn FREE to the pigmented public! Leave your ID at home! Fabulous Prizes: All-expenses paid vacations to exotic Tijuana!...

President On Mexico’s Refusal To Pay For Wall

THE PRESIDENT: So fed up with Mexico's stinginess! And I thought *Americans* were cheapasses about paying for stuff America needs! Sad! So I says to Mexico, "OK, you can buy the goddamn wall on layaway -- 3,900 easy installments! Or howza 'bout a reverse mortgage on...