2017 Republican Loyalty Pledge

GOP Congressional Loyalty Pledge

I, ________________________________ do hereby pledge total loyalty to President Donald J. Trump, exalted Savior of the dysfunctional Frankenstein non-coalition formerly known as “The Republican Party.”

I am a… (select one)

[   ] “Freedom Caucus” Anarchist, and I will swallow my teabilly pride (and my lithium) and just be happy that POTUS is no longer BLACKUS, and BELIEVE that President Bannon’s secret master plan is to burn this fucker down, using all the prissy Establishment RINOS (who look down their snooty blue-blood noses at me) and preachy lunatic Christian Fundamentalists for kindling.

[   ] “Establishment Republican,” and even though I am a patrician Ivy Leaguer with a Waterford crystal stick up my ass, I agree to STFU about totally overrated Ronald Reagan, who by today’s standards is a flaming libtard anyway, and whose ratings SUCKED compared to “The Apprentice.” And I shall BELIEVE that President Bannon’s secret master plan is to build a more perfect plutocracy on the backs of poor trash, other liberals, and, most of all, the annoying, radicalized brats in the so-called “Freedom Caucus” and the loony Christian Fundamentalists who’ve make me look like a tongues-talking rube-by-association for decades.

[   ] Christian Fundamentalist, and I agree to quit yammering about all that “morality” bullshit, and get with the program of worshipping a thrice-divorced money changer who pimps perky-titted teen bimbos in beauty pageants. And I shall BELIEVE that President Bannon’s secret master plan is to support Israel’s existence, but only so Jesus can find it when He comes back to turn it into an enormous river of gooey blood, as prophesied, triggering the fabulous Apocalypse, and paving the way for me to leave useful, but sinful, idiots like the “Freedom Caucus” and “Establishment Republicans” behind, when I am whisked to Glory in the Rapture. Praise God!

I further pledge to renounce all other commitments and loyalties, including but not limited to so-called reason, truth, fact, and that boring Constitutional paper thing, and hereby affirm that NOT SIGNING THIS PLEDGE MEANS I’M AN ENEMY COMBATANT OF AMERICA AND MOTHER RUSSIA.

Sen. or Rep. Signature: _______________________________________________

Sen. or Rep. Name: ____________________________________________________

Date: _________________________


Executive Order Greenlighting HUGE Oil Pipelines

All whiny injuns will be bulldozed into their precious sacred rivers, just before they get deluged with…

People Are Saying: TRUMPCARE® ROCKS!

People Are Saying: TRUMPCARE® ROCKS! Darlene Johnson - Head Mop at the Porn Palace in Knoxville TN, shares her inspiring tale of overcoming stupid Obamacare's #FAKENEWS to arrive at a TRUMPCARE® MIRACLE!   ###  


THE PRESIDENT: For too long, America has been the world’s nice, rich uncle, handing out candy, winks and presents — but getting nothing in return except a couple fingers barely under the Underoos. No more! Starting now, America is the world’s cranky grandpa in the...

Swearing-In Statement: Attorney General Jeff Sessions

A dangerous CRIME WAVE of TERRORIST MEXICAN BLACK LIVES MATTER GEORGE SOROS PROTESTORS is sweeping AMERICA and NO ONE is safe! Don’t look at FBI statistics because they’re FAKE FACTS!

Executive Order On Alternative Science

Vaccines are FAKE MEDICINE. From now on, Measles will be called “Freedom Freckles.”

Ask The First Ladies

After a lucky Trump® White House supporter won our free lottery (and her check cleared), First Ladies Melania®, Ivanka®, Ivana® Trump & Marla Maples jumped on a conference call to... MAKE THIS AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! To submit YOUR question, email...


Donald J. Trump: America’s most kick-ass President EVER! More famous than dirty hippy Jesus, he’s so fucking classy, he even shits in a SOLID GOLD TOILET. SO BOW & WORSHIP HIS MAGNIFICENT PRIAPIC TUMESCENCE, YOU WORTHLESS PISS-POOR LOSERS!

Jared Kusher Statement On Russian Collusion

By Popular Demand: Jared Kushner, ethically spotless Sr. White House Advisor & Secretary Of All the Complicated Stuff, goes on the record regarding his alleged treason.

President’s Paris Accord Withdrawal Statement

POTUS: My job is to make every asthmatic brat on earth gasp & wheeze & wish they’d never been born such pathetic rejects! #ParisAccord


NOW HIRING: BACKUP U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL WANTED: Trump® White House seeks a backup Attorney General to unquestioningly obey Mighty POTUS, but tell America he is running the Justice Department through (at least) eight years of 100% undetected scandal and treasonous...