Take The #StillMAGA Milk Challenge!

Take The #StillMAGA Milk Challenge!

ATTENTION PATRIOTS: Do you support POTUS? Then join the ultra-viral sensation that’s sweeping America: trolling stupid P.C. Snowflakes by taking the #StillMAGA Milk Challenge! Inspired by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge only for a WAY better cause  it’s a fun and AWESOME way to prove that you are a true alt-right Proud Boy, who can’t be fooled by FAKE NEWS about The Donald’s alleged record-low approval ratings and so-called “non-existent” legislative accomplishments!


  1. Make a video of yourself pouring a FULL GALLON of pure, ivory-white milk onto your (preferably skin) head. Remember to challenge two of your no-homo bros to do the same.
  2. Upload your video to social media using the #STILLMAGA hashtag
  3. Kick back and rest easy knowing you’re making some beta libtard’s brain explode!

Together, we’ll show the Globalist Elite we’re still PUMPED to drain the swamp and close the borders! Still #MAGA!

Jobs at Trump® White House

Have you always dreamed of a career in the civil service?  Well, you can kindly fuck off, loser. This White House is only hiring people who show a proud inability to do any of the detail-obsessed, pencil-pushing bureaucratic bullshit that used to taint the Executive...

Trumpism At Work: Tackling Complicated Stuff

Trumpism At Work: Tackling Complicated Stuff Americans everywhere are taking POTUS' lead on solving complicated problems! Join them! #TrumpismAtWork #MAGA  Yes, YOU TOO can solve complicated problems like a GENIUS BILLIONAIRE! Work it like @POTUS, America!...

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Take The #StillMAGA Milk Challenge!

Join the pro-Trump® sensation that’s sweeping America: trolling stupid P.C. Snowflakes by taking the #StillMAGA Milk Challenge!


Have you spotted a so-called “dreamer” who seems suspiciously less American than you? Submit your sightings of exotically “other” persons here for a chance to win fabulous Trump® luxury goods and services!


Sick of FAKE NEWS! Take this NON-FAKE survey to show HUGE public support for when POTUS starts rounding up scumbag reporters!

Obamacare Horror Stories: Submit Yours!

Obamacare Horror Stories Submit Yours! THE PRESIDENT: Folks, it doesn't matter if Ryancare a.k.a. "The American Healthcare Act" went down in flames. Going forward - just out of spite - my entire strategy is to let Obamacare EXPLODE - no matter how many people end up...

Russia Witch Hunt Survey

PATRIOT ALERT! You already knew the Fake News Media was out to SABOTAGE President Trump, but now even the GOP “Deep State” is yammering about “evidence” and so-called “laws” and “justice” to destroy POTUS. With so many LIES floating around, it’s hard to know...