Have you always dreamed of a career in the civil service?  Well, you can kindly fuck off, loser. This White House is only hiring people who show a proud inability to do any of the detail-obsessed, pencil-pushing bureaucratic bullshit that used to taint the Executive Branch with almost homosexual-levels of perfectionist wonkery and so-called “competence.”  At Trump® White House, it’s not enough just to not do your job – you also have to believe NOBODY should ever do it.  

Most of you know President Apprentice Donald J. Trump as a cartoon character on television, famous for firing an endless parade of even stupider nobodies and D-List celebrities. Luckily for America, Mr. Trump has brought this one skill to the White House, where he plans to fire BUILDINGS full of people. To mark the centennial of the Great Purge of 1917 in Mother Russia, Mr. Trump has started the Great Purge of 2017. Only this time, fat, angry plutocrats are replacing the sad, hungry workers.

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LinkedIn Resume URL:

Voting State:


Current Employer:

Are you a US Citizen?
Yes, I am a citizen of the United States
No, but I hold a grape-picking VISA from Trump® Winery
No, but I hold a housekeeping VISA from Trump® Hotels
No, but I hold a lawnmowing VISA from Trump® Golf
No, but I hold a non-prostitution VISA from Trump® Models
No, but me work fingers to bone stitching Trump® clothes in Asian sweatshop!

Are you a former employee of the US Military?
Yes, worship me as a HERO.
No, but just because I had the toenail fungus or whatever…



Political Party:

Desired Department(s):
Department of Agribusiness
Department of Coal
Department of Educasion
Department of Maximum Wage
Department of USA FIRST
Department of Wars
Environmental Decimation Agency
Bureau of Prisons / Dept. of Coloreds Management

Desired Function(s):
Being on TV
Epic Trolling of Libtards
Eviscerating Government
The Orgasmic Rush of Power
Collecting Best-Seller Memoir Anecdotes
Proximity to POTUS’ Fame
Proximity to Smokin’ Snatches Melania® & Ivanka®
South Lawn Nuke Football Toss
Exacting Vicious Payback on Government Agencies Whose Regulation and/or Taxation Policies Curtailed My Income So Badly, I Couldn’t Buy a Fourth Vacation Estate!

Additional Qualifications:
Stage 4 Sycophancy
-2 Golf Handicap
Pole Dancing


By submitting my application for employment to Trump® White House, I do solemnly swear that I will support and preserve the reputation, profitability and all-around perfect amazingness of President Apprentice Donald J. Trump, including, but not limited to, turning a blind eye to remarks, advances, situations, money drops, witness executions, foreign visitors, and/or ladies of the morning/afternoon/evening, and that I will faithfully discharge, according to the best of my ability, all duties required to ensure ever-higher Trump® profits and fall on my sword for President Apprentice so that this great and glorious leader is never implicated in any of the aforementioned activities I didn’t even notice in the first place, so help me Baby Jesus.