1. Do you believe that the mainstream media has reported unfairly on our movement?



  Total opposite of No

  They are of Satan and the enemy of America

2. News media coverage of President Trump should be:

  Finding new ways to compliment his greatness

  Fair, balanced, and totally positive

  Starstruck & worshipful

  Gentle, like the caress of a truck stop hooker

3. Where do you get your news?

  FOX News


  Russia Today


  The Bible & voices from God & stuff…

4. How do you know if the news you’re watching is fake?

  It’s like inappropriate touching – I know it when I feel it.

  It has stuff in it I don’t already know!

  It’s been 10 minutes and I haven’t seen Mike Huckabee or Newt Gingrich.

  I read our President’s tweets.

5. Is the President a good guy?

  He’s gooder than good – he’s great!

  Yes, he told me so!

  Infallible, like Jesus!

  I wish the traitors in the press would die so they’d stop being mean to him.

  Just looking at him makes ME feel like a billionaire, y’all!

6. Is the First Amendment even really in the Constitution?


  Maybe, for like, patriotic “Make America Great Again” stuff

  Ain’t read it – too long! Is there a tweet version?


7. What stories should the media report on?



  Celebrity gossip

  Black-on-white crime

  Vicious takedowns of liberals

8. Finish the following sentence: where there is smoke, there is ________.

  Clean-burning coal


  A really classy mahogany-paneled cigar lounge

  Hot strippers twerking by a fog machine

9. Finish the following sentence: journalists should speak truth to ___________.

  Their bosses and QUIT

  Their own buttholes

  Marginalized crybabies

  Military tribunal prosecutors

  The business end of a shotgun

  TRICK QUESTION – They speak only LIES!

10. What should we do with journalists who dare question the President?

  Tweet schoolyard taunts at them

  Audit their taxes

  Deport them to Jew York City

  Mandatory reeducation at Trump® University (NO SCHOLARSHIP)

  Turn the hose on them

  Publicly demonize them until some teabilly inevitably murders one

11. Do you believe that the media purposely tries to divide Republicans against each other in order to help elect Democrats?


  Opposite of No



12. Just out of curiosity, how many electoral votes did President Trump win?



  2.8 million


13. How unfair is it that the mainstream media is comparing Republicans stopping Obama with Democrats obstructing Trump?

  Very. Totally different things. Republicans were obstructing for ME.

  Very, very. Like comparing apples and things that aren’t oranges.

  Very, very, very! Democrats are pussies who don’t stand up for stuff.

  Very, very, very, very! Republicans fuck shit up FOR GOD!

14. How many journalists have been killed, suspiciously, in Russia since Putin came into power?

  Who cares?

  Not enough!



  [Yawn] Get back to me when they are from CNN!

15. Were you aware that a poll was released revealing that a majority of Americans actually supported President Trump?

  Must be true if I’m reading it in words!

  Any poll that didn’t would be FAKE NEWS!

  Yes, we in the Russia very awares of poll and how she was tabulated.

  Is it an Internet poll because I totally believe those?!

16. Do you believe that the media wrongly attributes a) gun violence to Second Amendment rights, b) flooding to water, and c) sight to eyeballs?




17. What source is the liberal media ignoring when they “fact-check” their LIES?

  My blog

  My YouTube channel



  That guy with the pamphlets outside Hobby Lobby

18. Who is the greatest enemy of America?

  Failing New York Times

  Failing CNN

  Lying MSNBC

  Lying Politico

  Scumbag Washington Post

  Shitheel ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS

  Rosie O’Donnell


19. Do you think a democracy needs a free press that questions the powerful to survive?

  No. How can they be powerful then?

  Yes, but only when Democrats are in power.

  Fuck kind of question is this???


20. Do you care when the enemies of America repeatedly produce incontrovertible evidence that POTUS is profiting off a public office?

  I do not care

  (Puts fingers in ears)

  (Claws out eyes)