THE PRESIDENT: As all my addresses to Joint Sessions of Congress will make abundantly clear: America is, basically, a costume party. If you wear a uniform, you get worshipped — no questions asked. You can riddle a black teenager, who’s begging for mercy, with bullets — or piss into the charred skull of an Iraqi charity worker droned by total accident, and you will get a standing ovation in Congress. So I stand behind any person who wears a cute costume. Unless that costume is a white robe with a hood. I can’t publicly support that, as I told President Bannon, much to his disappointment. I can, however, retweet or send you a confidential note of my support and thank you for you vote!

#PolicyByTweet: #BlackLivesMatter! We will have NO gals trampled to death on Black Friday at Walmart until her Ivanka tube top Visa charge goes through!! – @FantasticPOTUS