Making WHITEHOUSE.ORG Great Again!

Here we go, folks — I’m gonna make the WHITEHOUSE.ORG GREAT again — AGAIN!



CHINA POLICY: First 100 Days

Failing @NYTimes does FAKE NEWS saying I’m blowing it with STUPID CHINA.


THE PRESIDENT: On National Security, I have told the generals we will use the expertise of the bouncers at Trump Hotel Moscow to protect all of America's wonderful, important and excellent places. We will #StopBadStuff!!   - @WHITEHOUSE_ORG ###...

THE TRANSITION: First 100 Days

My transition is going so smooth, SO FREAKING SMOOTH, folks. Like, smoother than Ivanka's thighs, OK? #MAGA  - @WHITEHOUSE_ORG ###  

IMMIGRATION: First 100 Days

I’m going to get RID of immigration, and replace it with immi-GREAT-ion, folks!

Making WHITEHOUSE.ORG Great Again!

Here we go, folks -- I'm gonna make the WHITEHOUSE.ORG GREAT again -- AGAIN!   - @WHITEHOUSE_ORG ###  

TRADE: First 100 Days

On the "Trans Pacific" Partnership - I will do what I do with all TP: FLUSH IT. #MAGA    - @WHITEHOUSE_ORG ###  


THE PRESIDENT: You know, I’ve been laughing my ass off all morning, thinking that right now, somewhere in Chappaqua, Crooked Hillary is looking up from Huma’s "wherever," still crawling out from getting #SCHLONGED by a landslide so bigly that it would make God in...

DEREGULATION: First 100 Days

THE PRESIDENT: For every new regulation, TWO will be eliminated. Which ones? Pick out of a hat, I don't know. Details are for Jewish accountants! #MAGA   - @WHITEHOUSE_ORG ###  

ENERGY: First 100 Days

On Energy, I will stop supporting sissy stuff like wind and solar and rainbows. Go nukes!